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The Southern Minnesota Crew.

Dean, Dan, and Beau:

Just wanted to take a minute to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” from all of us for our fishing trips on June 20 & 21.  It’s obviously easy to say thanks to CAPT. Dan and (CAPT.) Beau for the more than 200 lbs. of salmon fillets that we brought back; or to thank you for the wonderful accommodations at our log cabin in the woods.  But, that is just part of what made our trip so great.  The best part, for all of us, was the way that you, Dan, and Beau put all of yourselves into making sure our trips (twice a year for the last four years) have been so great.  Even if the fishing isn’t always as great as this trip (but, it is usually darn close), your hospitality, kindness, and hard work just seems to get better and better.  Dan and Beau fit in perfectly with the bantering, fellowship, jokes, and ribbing that are always a big part of our group.  They made us feel as if we are their friends, not some strangers who they were hired to spend the morning with.  It was amazing how hard those two worked to get us our limits both mornings.  It was unbelievable!!  We all marveled at Dan jumping off of the high tower in a couple of ladder steps to grab a “FISH ON” rod, while Beau was busy handing us the ones he had under each arm.  Even with 19 big fish in a “filled-to-the-top” fish-hold, Beau was changing bait colors and depths to get us even bigger fish…and to nobody’s surprise, he did!!  He and Dan never stopped trying to do more or better throughout both trips on the lake. They had four grown men giggling like 7 year old school girls (inside joke) as we complained about our sore shoulders and forearms after the fish would spin off 350′ of line on their first run, and we struggled to get those monsters into the boat.  We even had to invent the “Minnesota Backwards Flip Technique” to survive the strain.  Dan laughed and joked, “I’ve never actually seen a grown man do that!”, but we didn’t let that deter us from catching our limits!

You guys run a first class operation that makes us feel at home, and its seems to get better all the time.  Thank you Dean, Dan, and Beau for making our trip so great. We’ll be seeing you again!!!

The Southern Minnesota Crew.

Recent Customers

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SUMMER 2019 – Fishing Report

  2019 is shaping up to be another fantastic year on the water around Sturgeon Bay.  The DNR has released a report this spring that shows some incredible news from their research last fall.  At the Sturgeon Bay collection site the average size of returning King salmon has exceeded the weights they have recorded for over 30 years.  This is great… Continue Reading