The Crew



“Hooked Up” Captains and mates have over 50 years experience. Their competitive sides have helped them to place in the top ten in every tournament fished on “Hooked Up” including multiple 1st place and top three finishes in The Sturgeon Bay Offshore Challenge!  The “Hooked Up” crew goes year after year proving to be the area’s top fish catching charter boat!  If you are after a once and a lifetime experience fishing with the area’s top professionals then look to the experienced crew of “Hooked Up” to put more fish on the line for you!  While many other large multiple boat operations in Sturgeon Bay struggle with a significantly high turnover in their crew, “Hooked Up” continues to provide the same energetic, fun, and reliable fish catching captains and first mates year after year.

Anybody who has ever fished on a charter boat will tell you whether the fishing was fast and furious or just an average day on the water. The deciding factor on the quality of the trip and memories made depends on the CREW! We are dedicated to making sure that your trip is the BEST fishing experience that you have ever had by providing you with a crew that is friendly, personable, and wont stop working to make sure your trip meets your expectations! You will not be let down by your captain or first mate.

We Guarantee It!

Capt. Dean Gordon
Capt. Bob Gordon
Capt. Chris Kruck

Capt. Dan Rankin
Capt. Dan Ewaskowitz

Capt.  Beau Neinas
Capt. Connor Wilz
First Mate Josh Shenk
First Mate Johnny Jorns